[PAID] A couple of guns to be made

Hello, I’m in a need of several gun and gun mod models. The weapons themselves should have each 4 high quality textures (2048): normal look, forest camo, desert camo and snow camo). All of the models should have a high poly version for use without a normal map as well as low poly version for use in-game with normal map. The low poly version should also have 3 lesser detailed LoDs.

General weapon mods:

  • Flashlight,
  • laser sight
  • holo sight,
  • red dot scope (small scope),
  • sniper scope (big scope),
  • grip.


  • AK47 rifle + magazine.
  • M4A4 rifle + magazine.
  • USP pistol + magazine.
  • AWP rifle + magazine.
  • Knife.


  • Rifle bullet and projectile,
  • pistol bullet and projectile.

We already found modeler, thanks. :slight_smile:


This sounds very interesting! What is your timeline and price point?

Hello, thank you. Lowest price and soonest completion wins.

I just sent you a PM. You can contact me via facebook: ermoholic, email: [email protected], or even PM me. I can get started right away! Also I don’t have much of a portfolio website ready but here is a quick idea of my hard surface modeling and game assets skills:

I’ve sent you a PM.

I can do these designs
her my works https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isshak-souaci/361566937343656?ref=bookmarks