(PAID) Action spellcasting game looking for 3D modelers


We are looking for 3D modelers for commissioned work. We will commission you to produce a 3D model for an as-yet untitled action game.

The latest videos of the deathmatch mode:





As you can see, the mechanics are there, the graphics are not. We require a wide range of 3D models suitable to the genre: indoor and outdoor scenery/terrain, fantasy characters/monsters, spell effects etc. Any and all submissions to do models that would fit the game are welcome.

Please contact us through our website with what you would preferably like to do, examples of previous work, your expected turn around time and a price estimate for the models you are proposing.

If we like your work, we’ll contact you about your suggestion to negotiate a commission. If we like your work and think you’d be able to do a good job on something specific we need, we’ll email you to discuss it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Carl Benjamin

Is it either a commission or a price? Since if you get a commission, you won’t need to give a price estimate?
Perhaps some more info about what the (financial & release) plans are would gain interest of the targeted modelers. Or in other words, the same info as you request from the modeler, would help to give an impression of what they are targeting and they can make a better, fitting proposal.
As they (also) need to know what they may expect to be able to start negotiating a price.
The more details provided the more likely you will find a good fit.

Either solid post, good entree and good luck with your project!