[Paid] Animator needed

[Update] We now have all the people we think we need. So this entry is closed. Thanks for your interest.

Are you an animator?
Have you made animations for games in Unity before?
Are you used to working with deadlines?
Do you have English as a first or second language.
Can you start next week?

If you can answer yes to all of this, then we will love to hear from you.

We are currently developing a educational game for two Danish museums.
The purpose of the is to communicate the archaeological process from a to z.

We need ​​6 small animations for the excavating part.

  • Cheer when they find a “treasure” (Loop).
  • Sits down on their knees. Gets ready for the animation “Scrape with a trowel”.
  • Gets up from their knees.
  • Scrape with a trowel (Loop). Approx. 5 seconds long. Video.
  • Search with a metaldetector (Loop). Approx. 5 seconds long.
  • GPS logger (Loop). approx. 5 seconds long. Picture.

We use the Unity Mecanim to set up the animation. The animations are used for both male and female characters.
The characters are rigged in Mixamos auto-rigger.
The characters look like:

Thanks to VMComix to release the base model.

If you are interested, please send a PM with your portfolio.
You will get more info on the project, if we believe that it could be you that we are looking for.

We would like to find our animator soon. So please do not wait too long.

We will update this post when we have found our person.

Best Regards

Mads Mosbæk Pedersen

email sent