[PAID] Blender 3d Artists ANIMATORS and other roles needed

We are making a 7minute 3d short in Blender, looking for people who know the software very well. especially 3d animators with experience. We’re on final stages about 2 weeks left into the whole project we still need help. We have lot’s of scenes that need to built, lit, rigged, animated

here are the current open positions:

  • scene builders
  • riggers
  • 3d animators
    -lighting artists
    -material artist/ texture artists
  • render artist (experience working with render farms) (rendering will not be done in Eevee)

Requirements for all positions:
-Good internet speed
-English communication skills (we must be able to understand, and be understood by you)

Thank you for taking the time, and please apply with your portfolio and rate per hour at: [email protected]

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I have sent you a PM :slight_smile:
Have a great day !


Hi Slavik,

I sent you an email with some of my work, I’d love to help with your project.

As you can see my english is pretty good and I’m not a robot^^^ although I would be willing to surgically install more ram into my brain if that’s ever an option.

Please take a look at my email–

Thank you!


Hi, Slavik_Lyk

I have just sent you an email with about my details and my animation reel.
Looking forward to hear from you.




I have sent you a mail. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash


PM sent

Thank you.

Hello @Slavik_Lyk
I sent an email, hope to hear back soon

Have a good day!

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