Paid Blender Python Job in Mexico ! from March to june 2019

(uriel) #1

we, at the Archeological Zone of Teotihuacan, in Mexico, are working on a large scale 3d reconstruction project… yes, it is an amazing and passionate work ! We are doing everything with open source applications, including, of course, Blender for 3d modelling and animation… and much more :wink:

We are looking for a motivated full time Python dev. to support the creation of a set of specific scripts, the mission is about 3 month duration. The employer is the official Institute of Antroplogy and History, and i am the project manager for this long term development.

I am personally a Blender expert (using Blender from 2003), you may find my references in this forum or other websites :wink: and i am open to discuss this topic by PM or Email: [email protected]

We speak English, spanish and French over there :wink:

To give you more infos about the aspects of this work, this person will have a free accomodation on the site ! a free access to the archeological site, paid meals and others extra services. The salary will be established on your skill level and experience (dont be fool, this is a governemental project, and the salary will not be extraordinary !, but the experience… intense and extraordinary passionating).
Important ! we dont pay the fly to Mexico !

Please, feel free to contact me and discuss the oportunity, thanks to share this info to whom may be concerned :wink:

Hasta luego :smiley: gracias

(uriel) #2

i received a couple of answers, time is passing fast and i have to close our research on 10 decembder… if any other people is interested ?
thanks anyway

Have a nice day