[paid] character animation.


I need someone to make animations for this robot

the animations wont involve the pill or the owl.


the character is rigged using blender 2.59
download .blend

this animation would be used in this DVD


you can see the dance of the robot in the video, I need something better than that but not so professional, only no flaws in animation is needed.

what is needed is 10 animations 2 seconds each.

don’t expect a high payment, the amount paid will be moderate, we can negotiate that
by email: 3denator <Utt> Gmail ~dt~ com

edit 1: extra info
common questions:
Q: Do they have to be a bit goofy/funny/expressive looking or more realistic?
A: goofy/funny/expressive look would be cool.

where could i grab a d/l of the file from ?

if the link above didn’t work go here: http://www.brainmeal.net/irvine-rig-2-59-new/

just a small test. In the next version I will show with pills
2 seconds

providing animations with edited character shape is not useful to us.

In the next version I will show with pills

the animations should not involve the pill or the owl.

OK Can i do in your latest file without any changes? in Blender version 262

i’m not sure what you mean.

I am creating 10 animations of 2-2 seconds with the latest file you have mentioned here.I will show here. Hope fully tomorrow. They are being rendered.

Created. Hope you like it and mail me
[email protected]

600 Frame Animation. Quality is little less because the whole animation was more then 500 MB (Avi Raw).
Reduced to 14 mb. ( mp4 Mov). Uploaded to youtube.
Hope you like it.

thank you, but i don’t feel this falls into what we need.
1-the animation is jerky, high speeds at low time intervals
2-the joints rotate in such a way his hand would break, more than 180 degrees.
3- his hip is flipped and different from original shape
and much more problems.

Just a small note, and this is a comment for all characters available for download really- please include only what you want the animator to use and save with a clean, sane opening scene. For this one I recommend turning off the parent lines and deleting the unnecessary elements of the bird and pill, and the hat as well? Also lose the composting pass and lens flare setup. Camera is in a decent place already, plus lighting is good enough.

I do like this character though

Bit of fun.

hi all.


Nice animation you have got there batFinger, I have already employed someone to do the 8 animations and he finished them, you can allow us to use these animations in the trailer and not in the game, and we will mention your name, I don’t have more budget to charge you for them, but you can allow us to use them and we will mention you in the trailer so your profile as an artist will be bumped, it is up to you to decide :yes:.


ps: tried to PM you but the message quota was full.