[PAID] [DEVEL] RayPump build for Mavericks OS

Update: this issue has been solved, build for testing is available here.
Reporting if the build works correctly is also good feedback :slight_smile: so give it a try!


This should be pretty easy task to accomplish :slight_smile:

RayPump is a Free/Pro online accelerator for Cycles (GPU driven). There are three main section of the service:

  • Blender add-on (Python script)
  • Separate, Qt/C++ RayPump client, for handling data stream;
  • online GPU Render Farm software, that communicates with RP Client;
  1. The problem:

RayPump Client is independent of Blender, self running application, written in Qt. It is by design multi-platform, works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the latest Mac OS X (Mavericks).

Since I donโ€™t have a Mac computer (and frankly - much of time), Iโ€™d be happy if someone smart could help me out.

  1. The task:

What we need is a build of the RayPump Client (Release Pack for Mac, hereโ€™s the current version) that works with the latest Mavericks.

  1. Tools involved:
  1. Results:

The build that works on out-of-the-box Macintosh OS X Mavericks

  1. The payment:

Despite the undying glory and news spreading on the RayPump channels, the person who delivers working build will be rewarded with Render Points - a virtual currency that allows to run Pro jobs on the RayPump service.

Render Points have the real value - 1 RP = 0.01 EUR (so, one eurocent).

The price is negotiable, but it should be few thousands of Render Points.

If you are interested, check this thread on RayPump Talks for details.