[PAID][Freelance] Blender Samurai Needed to Create FPS Arms/Hands

Greetings! I’m looking for a Blender freelancer interested in creating custom FPS arms and hands for use in a game prototype. The project requires the following:

  • Male arms and hands, including clothing consisting of a long-sleeved dress shirt with cuffs, a suit jacket covering the shirt, all topped by an overcoat.
  • Female arms and hands with a woman’s suit and coat (as above).
  • Materials and textures for the above, multiple versions for variations in skin tone is ideal.
  • Standard FPS animations (holding, cocking, firing, reloading a pistol).

As stated in the title, this is a PAID project. Payment will be done in two installments: 50% upon signing a freelance agreement, 50% on completion. Payments will be made through PayPal.

The ideal Blender-er/SuperStar has EXCELLENT communication skills, positive attitude and follow-through, and attention to detail. Only replies with links to online portfolios will be considered. I would love to see examples of how you textures skin and cloth.

Please express your interest and post any questions in this forum thread (always easier to answer things once for all to see) rather than through PM. Private information can be sent via PM.

Preference will be given to US artists.

Best wishes! I’m also excited about becoming part if this community to learn some Blender skills of my own.

Anyone? I’ve had a few PMs from Eastern Europe, but I really would like to work with a freelancer in the US (easier communication and contracts).

This pays actual, real money. My budget for this line item is $500.00 USD – and that is negotiable!

You might consider the fact that employed game artist in the US averages anywhere between $10-$100 per hour, and the freelance overhead brings the total to even more. The lure of the $500 offer might not be enough to justify the time spent on the project for a high level artist (which could go into tens of work hours).

All in all that might be the the reason you are getting interest only from EE.

I am kinda from EE myself (well depends on who you ask, same longitude as Italy), and I see a lot of work to do both models and animation on a professional level, my quote would be $1k+ for such project.

Anyways, just my 2c, hope you find your artist and on the budget.

Thank you for your input, el_diablo. While your name promises evil, your actions are good.

Not being an artist myself, it is entirely possible that I am way off in my estimate. I looked up freelance rates, multiplied by how long I thought it might take, and came up with $800.00 USD and then posted $500.00 to allow negotiation room.

Would you – or anyone – be willing to educate me on how long this project might realistically take? My intention is not to get something for nothing. I want to pay a fair price for quality work. $1,000.00 doesn’t seem unreasonable, but I would like to know the breakdown in order to make better estimates of my own in the future.

For the record, I have nothing against Eastern Europe. My family is Russian, but I was born in the US. The issue is with ease of communication and the work contract. My Russian is terrible and I can never find the right keys when I switch my keyboard to Cyrillic.

I think you are offering good compensation even though it can’t compete with anything one might get in a game company. But people do models for free as well, so I’m a bit surprised you’re getting no takers. Perhaps it’s the US thing, I would be interested as well (depending on schedule) but I’m from Finland. :wink:

Something that is unclear to my when thinking about it is how are you supposed to animate weapon loading when you don’t have the weapon models in use? Rigging and animating FPS arms are traditionally done in the same file with the weapon to ensure full compatibility. Trying to get the position, velocity and timing right for something like cocking animation is hard if not near impossible working with 2 separate models. This is something I believe many people confuse since weapons are hard surface modeling and pretty mainstream while arms and cloth are organic modeling requiring a different kind of workflow from modeling to texturing to rigging.

I love Finland. I have a fascination with the Finnish skiing army soldiers from WWII. Finland is also my destination when I become an ex-pat!

Great points you all bring up – this and what el_diablo mentioned are things that definitely need clarification. Unfortunately the newness of my account requires mod approval of my posts, so it may seem like I’m being dodgy, but I’m not!

I have the weapon model. There is only one (1) pistol in the entire game prototype, a 9mm. Great point about the workflow differences – it is something I hadn’t really considered. I’m reading up on hard surface vs. organic now but I can already understand the differences.

The Point: I need hands. The player can pick from two characters (male or female) each with a small variety in skin tone (dark to light). The quality of the skin and cloth is what I am really interested in, even to the detriment of reload animations. These arms should look like they are connected to Fox Mulder or, better still, Special Agent Dale Cooper (or the female versions of each).

Thanks for your input, Kheetor!

Just sent a PM, definitely interested in the project!

Replied via email 'cuz your PM box is filled to the brim!

Found my Blender artist – thank you all for the input and interest! Good luck!