Paid help

Just wondering if anybody with experience is interested in finishing a project for me?

Willing to pay per hour (probably only 1-2 hours work) at rates to be negotiated.

It is a creature in a simple grassy field with natural lighting.

Already complete: -Shape
-Basic plane/grass

To be done: -Fixing niggles with aforementioned
-Rigging amature and animating a short walking sequence

Many thanks

Your expectation of how long these tasks will take is way off the mark. One cannot accomplish very much at all , of any quality, in 1 to 2 hours.

Fixing ‘niggles’ is rather quite nebulous in description and could take any number of hours depending on the severity of the ‘niggle’.

Rigging a very simple armature could be done in 1 or 2 hours, but could take days depending on complexity of the creature being rigged. Especially so if the creature has any ‘niggles’ that need to be corrected before the mesh meets deform expectations.

A walk cycle, again dependent on creature complexity, could take more than a few hours.

I should think that 1 to 2 hours would be time required just scrutinizing the project at the various stages of development. 15 minutes here… 10 there… Does is look right? Is it deforming correctly? What needs adjusting…

The ‘niggle’ i am speaking of is: I made the creature on one layer, unwrapped it and textured its skin until it looked alright, then in a new layer i generated a simple grass landscape from the tute here (, however then when i combined the layers into one i found that my texturing of the creature would not show up when rendered (though it would before the addition of the grass).

Regarding the armature: as a complete beginner to blender it took me half an hour to make the ‘gus the gingerbread man’ tute walk, I didnt think it would take that long for someone with lots of experience to make something (not all that complex) to walk.

Dont take me the wrong way, i am very new to the program but i feel like it really wouldnt be more than 1 hours work for someone with experience, if i could get past my niggles then i think i could even do it in few of hours.