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Well, I’m fed up with free hosting. I’ve tried almost every free host, and when I finally found one that worked, they changed servers(well, they still are) and I can’t access my website. So, I’m going to start using pay hosting. Which one should I use, though? I’m thinking about Bluehost. If you have a better suggestion, tell me. :smiley:

I’m hosting most of my websites at They have a basic plan with 200MB of storage and 15GB of monthly transfer for only $14.95 a month and their service is top notch. Tell 'm I send you :wink:

Wait! :o Use! It’s free! No space or filesize limit! Ask NOR.J about it to learn more.


ooohhh… I took a quick peek at bluehost, that’s a impressive package for a low price, curious how good their support is though (the support is ALWAYS the bottom line). With hosting4less I get support by e-mail 24/7 always within 20-30 minutes so that’s why I stay with them. Also close to zero downtime, they actually have a service level agreement and when they are down longer than stated in the agreement they pay back the fee for the downtime on your next payment.

I’m getting a bit fed up with free hosting too. In the past 6 months I’ve switched from to to and now I’m back to geocities. I looked at over 50 different free servers and the few I used were the only ones that didn’t have a file size limit or file type specification.

I actually quite liked uku but you had to be using dial-up. Freewebs was too slow. So I had to change when I got broadband. I even checked out my own isp and they’ve got a file size limit too. I would love to get payed hosting so long as I knew it was reliable. When I search google, I get results like:

but how can you trust the adverts when the internet is so full of spam? The key factors are reliability, bandwidth, file type support, unlimited upload size and speed and very few excel at all of them. Isn’t there a standard good ISP for web hosting? Like how google is widely regarded the best search engine.

zerohost, is the free host of my choice, except they’re down for now, so I’ll just wait it out and see… :slight_smile:

Stats:(Requires 850 posts in forum)
Disk Space: 1000 MB
Bandwidth: 5 GB
MySql Database: 30
FTP Accounts: 30
Subdomains: No
E-mail Accounts: 30
CGI-BIN Access: Yes
PHP 4.3.x: Yes
Frontpage Extensions: Yes
Addon/Park Domain: No
All Filetype Support: Yes
Cpanel X: Yes
Fantastico: Yes
SSI: Yes

Sigh… Nobody ever listens to me. :frowning:

R2Blend wrote:

Use! It’s free! No space or filesize limit! Ask NOR.J about it to learn more.

I just took a look at their website and it wasn’t free. Even the personal pages had a monthly cost.

I’ve been looking at paid hosting sites, and so far 1&1 seems to be the best deal I can find. For US $4.95/month you get your own domain name, 500Mb of storage and a 5Gb/month transfer quota, along with a bunch of POP3 accounts (1 with McAfee antivirus at the server level, additional A/V is $1.95/month per Email account), and a pretty good software package for page development. I’m considering their business package at $9.95/month, which has 1Gb storage, 15Gb/month transfer, and 3 A/V mail accounts.

So far this is the most reasonable deal I’ve seen. IMHO of course.

I forgot to say, you have to use the demo.

if you use it for real website (not storage) you can get 100MB disk space and unlim bandwidth, database support, for free.

And, trust me, DONT use GEOCITIES. :stuck_out_tongue: I had my site there at first and it was really bad.

Don’t worry, I’m not THAT stupid… :wink:

Uh…they don’t have nearly the features of bluehost, and they don’t have mySQL, or cpanel X. :frowning:

Uh…they don’t have nearly the features of bluehost, and they don’t have mySQL, or cpanel X. :([/quote]

What are mySQL and cpanel X?

What are mySQL and cpanel X?

mySQL is a very popular opensource database. I don’t know what cpanel X is.

I didn’t see any mention of database features on the website or for that matter other features, and since many of the pages linked from the English text fall into Norwegian this makes it difficult (and Babelfish doesn’t translate Norwegian).

CPanel X is a really great Control; Panel for websites. Once you use it, it’s impossible to do without. :smiley: