Paid: Hyper-realistic Character Modeling for Game

Hello. I am working on a game and need some help.

What I need is for a character to be modeled, textured and rigged. I am looking for someone who has a little experience doing each of these. The characters name is Daram. His name means ‘curious adventurer’. His design is what I sometimes call “Stylized realism”. Some people refer to it as “Hyper realism”. His reference images are attached to this post. If you are interested, please share your portfolio.

This is paid work. I intend to pay $130 US, for the project. This will be paid upon deliverance. The deadline is ten days after acceptance of the job.

I am not with a company, studio, etc. This is a game I’m producing in my off-time.This game I’m making, is part of an exploration of the concepts of identity, as they might relate to other species. In this case, the “killer whale”. Much of it is inspired by the game Soma. Particularly, where the main character of that game says “I had no idea how much the idea of my “self” depends on where I am.”

The game I’m making looks at Orcas in particular and Cetaceans in general. It deals with the importance of family, among many other aspects.

The game is a Six Degrees of Freedom, adventure horror. It uses a Metroid-Vania style of progression. It simulates a dolphins need go to the waters surface to breath. The game uses a modified version of Hierarchical Task Networking (HTN Planning) for the AI (still exploring how the base functions of this might work with Godot. Not far enough into it to provide much information)

To be clear about my particular request here:

1: In-game, Daram will be viewable from any side at any time, due to the control style.
2: He has a polygon budget of 15,000 quads.
3: He will be animated at a minimum of 60 frames per second.
4: As was mentioned earlier; his design is hyper realistic.

Please note that any source files I have permission to distribute, will be published when the game is published.

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Hi @phillippi2

I Can help

Please reach me out through Skype: cis.am3 or email me at [email protected]

Best regards
Frank. J

hello i sent you a pm check it out please, Regards Michael.

Hello @phillippi2.
I’ve sent you a private message. Thanks for the opportunity!
…By the way I happen to still have here the Sega Megadrive copy of Ecco the Dolphin :slight_smile: