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Im looking for an experienced Blender Artists to do a job for me. I have a client who would like a Intro page for their website.

First- Can this be created for a website using blender?

Second - You must be well experienced at Blender, as job needs to be done.

The animation would involve:

1 – A picture of a circus tent
2 - The circus tent opens
3 – Inside is a cook and a waiter (cartoon figures) which would invite viewers into a web site (maybe through the opening of a banquet dish)

What would be the time return you can give?
How much will this cost?

Please provide portfolio of other work you have created similar. Email to [email protected]

My client would like to see some work before deciding to go ahead. I will be giving all quotes with the website I create.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You probably need Flash. I’m sure you could get the anim/models done in Blender, but for the web page your best bet would be to use Flash.

Thanks :wink: IF thats the case then.

If I could be quoted on the anim/models. Then I can arrange Flash, Unless the Experienced Blender artist knows flash also.

I have taken a look at Blender, well, Its all very confusing, I will start learning, but I need to get this job quoted.

I appreciated anyones interest!


hey don’t worry - some one will help. Another good place to look for models (cook + waiter) is make-human. A bit of tweaking will be needed to make these “cartoon” like . . . for example and to stereo type - obese for the cook, thin for the waiter, and then there are the clothing issues which you will need to have a grasp of the cloth function, and how to actually derive this from the form of the make-human characters. Just to model the clothes will take 6-10 hours per model. Rigging and animating these will take about the same time, and another 6-10 to get these right, another 6-10 to do the finese. Quite easily done I reckon!

i’m pretty experienced in animating in flash. i’m not all to good though.

Flash is your best if not only option for what you need done. Instead of modeling a circus tent and using the render as a back ground, a matte painting would probably integrate better than a rendered image.
But because the (two) figures need to be animated, including lip sync for the spoken parts, the cost would range from 3000 to 12000 US Dollars, depending on the complexity, quality and length of the intro animation.
This quote includes also producing the audio portion of the animation.

On the bottom of this page is an image of a trumpet that started as a 3D model and was made “playable” with Flash.
In my opinion, you would be better off designing a big project like yours with a local designer which gives you the advantage of meeting and tweaking the project to your liking.

Good luck and don’t forget the “happy” circus music :slight_smile:

There have been some job offerings here lately and it’s fine. It just seems that is not advertised enough, maybe should have at least some links.

I am interested. Hope you got my mail.

Do you have voice / audio ?
My portfolio


I hope the opportunity still exists .

Blender Work Samples. I use Blender for Modelig and aimation and use Sony Vega Movie studio to mix sound in the animation.

Free Download 16 3D Movies I have created in Blender
Watch 3D Clips on vimeo
Watch 3D Clips on Youtube

Some of my Blender work you can see here

Some of Blender Images

My Work Quality

and Lots more if you want I can show you

Hello Blender Artists.

Thank you to all who have replied in this thread and to those who have emailed me directly with your interest in this project.

You are all extremely very talented! I wish I had only half the skills you all have. With out me having to reply to every interested party, I have short listed a couple of Artistist, if you have been successful, you will recieve an Email from me wanting more information and to discuss the project further.

I will also be keeping your contact information of all whom have emailed me for any future projects. (Your information will be keep private and not passed on to any third party) If you choose not to have your details kept with me, your welcome to send me an Email, with subject: Please do Not keep my email.

Thank you all again, I appreciate your interest. :wink:

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