Paid Job: Models for 3D printing needed


I have a startup (Worldsmith Designs) that requires models for 3D printing. The measurements and specifications are somewhat exact. While you will be provided direction in terms of architectural style, I would like the modeler to use their imagination. The finished product will culminate into 5 or 6 models in a finished state. Since this will be 3D printed, we don’t need textures, lighting, or animation.

I am also looking to establish what I hope will be a relationship for ongoing per-contract jobs. A NDA/Non-Compete will be required before specific details are divulged. If you are interested, please contact me.


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Hi Brian!
Just sent you a PM.


I’ve sent you a personal message,
thank you for the opportunity!

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for the overwhelming response! We’ve already seen a lot of portfolios showing of your amazingly talented skills, and will continue reviewing submissions today. Today (January 5th, 2018) will be the last day we accept portfolio submissions. A decision will be made on Monday, January 8th on who we will be going with for this project. Each one will be contacted with the results of our decision at that time.


Sent you a PM. Please take a look

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming response! We have been amazed at some of the portfolios we have seen! It was a difficult choice, but this job has now been filled. we will keep your submissions for future reference should the need arise.