Paid Job Offer : Alignment of Teeth and animating Movement (Budget $500 - $2,000 USD)

I am working on a small project that involves importing a stl file of misaligned teeth into Blender, segmenting them and realigning them. So far I have managed to segment the teeth, realign and animate them.
This is what I have achieved:

My final challenge is to apply transform constraints. I would like each tooth to move in stages along the animation timeline, therefore, I can stop anywhere on the timeline and change the parameters in case I find the teeth are colliding with one another as they align themselves.

For better control, I would like each tooth to move:

  • 2-3 mm in either X, Y, Z direction at a time.
  • Rotate 3-5 degrees around X, Y, Z axis at a time.

This is the result that I am after:

I would also like for the animation to be hosted on a website so that someone can access it remotely just like in this website:

My deadline is two weeks and I am ready to offer more jobs related to this particular project depending on the speed and accuracy of execution.

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Hi @George_Kariuki

I can help in this. as I am having experienced in same domain

Please check PM. for credentials.

looking forward.

Hello Mr George Kariukii I Leave you a message please check it out!