Paid job payments

When posting a paid job, following message appears:
“And no, deferred payment . . . do not qualify as valid forms of payment.”
So I understand that prepayment before the beginning of job is expected.

Blender professionals here are from all over the world, aren’t they? Someone can be prepaid, than simply disappear.
What is preferred/recommended way to pay for the job, that can protect both Blender professionals and job posters? Thank you.

That’s not what they mean. ‘Deferred payment’ means “you get paid when we sell the animation” and that’s no guarantee that payment will ever be made.

The fair thing to do is to pay part of the fee up front and the balance on delivery. Or work can be delivered periodically and paid on the same basis, say… once a week. The latter may turn out to be the best way because each time work is delivered, a payment is made and both parties know the dealings are honest.

Thank you so much for the explanation. :slight_smile:

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