Paid job: script for slicing and baking.


I’m currently developing a game using Blender for content creation.

I need a script to automate my export procedure.

The script needs to:

  • Slice/dice an object (the game world) into n*n tiles.
  • For each tile…
  • Separate it into its own object
  • Create a new UV mapping and set the UV:s to “project from view, bounds”.
  • Bake the full rendering into a new m*m resolution texture, and save it.
  • Create a new material and assign the texture to it.
  • Remove any other materials and UV mappings.

I think that’s it. The script will essentially divide my game world into reasonably large chunks and bake the full rendering into a top-projected texture, ready to be consumed by the game engine.

If you know you can do this, please PM me.

-Victor Widell / Baraboom