[paid, long-term funded] Eroge Game Modeling, Rigging, Animation

We are a small team of unreal developers (not a company) trying to build an alpha version of an eroge game similar to a simplified Honey Select (Adjustable camera, with swaps between different sex positions). Our short-term primary aim is to build an eroge game with more realistic graphics and animation. we are trying to release an alpha version within the next couple of months to gauge community interest.

This project is funded and we have a monthly budget allocated for continuous work on these tasks. We are looking for an intermediate ~ experienced freelancer to sign a contract with us to work on ANY of the following:

  • We have a high-quality female model with animation friendly topology. The model has perfect edge loops based topology with rational polygons count. Realistic anatomy and skin shading make this model good for closeup rendering. We would like you to apply the following modifications
    • Add anatomically accurate cavity for the vaginal canal and cervix
    • Add anatomically accurate cavity for the anus
    • Modify face and body proportion slightly according to requirements
  • Add additional rigging to this female model to allow for the mouth, vaginal, and anal insertion with stretch physics. This includes building dedicated bones for the genitals, breasts and bottom physics, and mouth controller. Similar to this asset: https://smutba.se/project/30739/. After rigging, please make the rigging game-ready specifically for Unreal Engine.
    • Modify the rigging on an existing male character to make the riggings compatible
  • Build animation loops for the following and make sure they are exportable to the unreal engine:
    • Blowjob: cum on face and inside (please contact me for video reference material )
    • Missionary: creampie + cumshot (please contact me for video reference material )

The following skills + experiences are desired but (not required):

  • Experience with modeling humans β†’ realistic-cartoon style mix similar to (please contact me for video reference material )
  • Experience with rigging (hopefully with some experience exporting to game engines)
  • Experience with animation of human bodies and close interaction between these bodies (requires experience with soft bodies and collision)
  • Experience with fluid simulation

We are not looking for someone with all of the skills above. We are looking for someone to work on modeling + rigging and someone to work on animation. But if you can do both, it would be amazing.

Benefits of working with us

  • Work at your own pace β†’ this is not a time-pressed project. So if you have a full-time job or other tasks, feel free to work on this during the weekends.
  • This will be a fun project for those of you who enjoy NSFW content.
  • Ongoing project: this project will be ongoing for 2021, so it is a great choice if you are looking for a more extensive project
  • Flexible negotiations β†’ we are a small team and open to all kinds of negotiations, including shares of the game’s profits should the game become profitable.

Things to consider before working with us

  • We would like to own the commercial license to the models. You are free to use the models in your animation, portfolio, and sell them in asset stores for a personal license, etc.
  • We produce NSFW content, which is legal here in the U.S., especially since the stuff we produce is pretty vanilla. If you are uncomfortable with explicit sexual content or would like to include this as part of your public portfolio, please consider this collab carefully.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in the details. We can negotiate the hourly rate, timeline, hours, and everything else in detail via email.



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Please see this document for detailed requirements on modeling + rigging: https://drive.google.com/file/d/192QSQD4Hbi88cg4k0mspnJI3oGk_b3ii/view?usp=sharing

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