PAID, Looking for 3D artists to help with indie prototype

Hello all.

I am representing, and new indie company that has received funding from the Canada Media Fund to produce a hopefully innovated video game prototype.

The prototype must be completed by September 1st. We are looking for a 3D artist to join our small team and create character models, environments, animations, and special effects. We understand that finding a single person that can produce everything is unlikely and are happy to split the work among the right candidates.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the funding, we are unable to share any detail of the game. I can share that it is a dungeon crawler, and is not a typical “me-too” implementation as evident by the mandate of the Canada Media Fund, which is to bring something new to the table.

We have had concept artists working on the project for several months, and you will be working off these finished pieces. You may need to fill in the blank for the environments.

We have described the art-style as a minimal graphic style. It is stylized in the sense that we are not looking for realism and are always looking for additional ways to create neat visual traits. We rely heavily on light and colour to tell the story as we are purposefully keeping detail level low in order to preserve the style and keep the development cycle realistic.

Experience on the team varies. I am (or used to be) a professional video game programmer who has worked on games for EA, THQ, and Konami. Our concept artist is relatively new, but has the passion we are looking for. Our other two programmers are new to this style of game, but are very active in the game jam scene and have lots to offer.

Compensation is based on skill and is paid through paypal. We are a distributed team so having experience working remotely is a plus.

Skills required in point form:

  • 3D character modeling
  • 3D character animation (w/ rigging)
  • 3D environment modeling
  • Unity
  • Bonus, experience with shader programming in Unity

You can contact me at colinn [AT] or PM me here. Keen to get someone working ASAP and to build a strong connection with the right candidate so that I can carry the same team over to full production should the prototype be successful and receive the second round of funding.

Please send a link to past works, a short bio on yourself, and I guess what your gaming and non-gaming interests are.

Thank you very much for reading!

My Names Joshua and I have a background in all the arias you are looking for. I went to school for game design and 3D art at ITFP there we focused on using mostly Unity-3D.
I can Make/3d model, Do the Rigging, animate, Texture, and program; Game objects, characters, and levels environments, lighting, and audio aspects of the creation process.

I can work with you
Previous my work here