Paid: Looking for a Blender 2.8 Tutor for several sessions ** need to see portfolio **

Hello, I am a student and indie developer working on a 3D realistic sports game. I am looking to hire a tutor to help me with the following:

  1. Hard Surface Modeling - Need to learn how to maintain clean topo, join objects cleanly with no hidden faces or double vertices.

  2. Mesh Character creation - Human males/females with clothes and helmets/gloves/skates.

  3. Preparing models for export with optimal UVs to be painted in Substance Painter.

Thank you for your time and interest

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I can help

contacte me: rachel at cisinlabs dot com

Please revert me back.

Hello there, i can help you out, i have experience in substance painter, hard surface modlling, rig and animation, you can see my portfolio at:

we can organize our classes on Discord.

email me: [email protected]
and let me know more details

hey there i’ll free for your project.have a look at my portfolio here

and feel free to ask me anything.thank you.

I believe she’s part of a group or company that makes 3d models and animations. If you’ve got a business or in a position where you need people to make stuff then it’s good but if you’re not that big or in need then it’s probably for the best. I don’t have the resources to pay $13 an hour for labor but if you have that kind of money then it’s probably a good thing.

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