(PAID) Looking for a Blender Expert to Model/Texture/Rig a Alien Character

We are making a Pilot for a Sci-Fi Television series.

For this project, we require a realistic Alien Character to be Modeled, Textured and Rigged in Blender.

Seasoned artists with previous experience in creating Sci-Fi/ Realistic Character work in Blender required.
If interested, please forward your Online Reels & Portfolio Web Links.

Paid Job. Deadline for finishing the job is coming Saturday ( Nov.9th).

If interested, forward email to [email protected]

You want a full character fit for a TV pilot modeled, textured, given materials and rigged in two days? And you haven’t even picked an artist yet? Good luck with that. I’ve been doing character/creature work for nearly 7 years and I don’t know any professional artist who could take on that job in good faith. You’re looking at 40-60 hours of work easily depending on desired quality.

We can do the character if it’s for a game.
[email protected]

I think the deadline was already reached. XD