[Paid] Looking for a tutor to help me understand the Cycles source code

A colleague of mine and myself are currently working on a project for our university, which requires us to implement certain changes to Blender/Cycles.

Spefically, what we want to achieve, is that the viewport is not completely rerendered anytime a change in the scene occurs when using Cycles, but rather only the most affected parts of the scene are rerendered. The goal is to achieve a smoother user experience when using Cycles for viewport rendering.

After our research up to this point, we are pretty sure that we won’t have to touch Blenders source code to achieve our goal. Cycles, as far as I understand it, has all the necessary information through the dependancy graph.

Now, I am looking for a tutor who can guide me through the basic code structure of Cycles and how it works.
I don’t think it’s necessary to understand the render kernel, but much more important for our project is how Cycles accesses and uses the scene information: geometry, transformations, bounding boxes and the like.

I am willing to pay for a discord session or something similar, maybe even a video tutorial is sufficient. I am thinking about 25€ maybe? I am only a student, so my ressources are limited, but I am willing to negotiate the price.

Contact me, if you’re interested!

Here is a post over at blender developer talk which made me conclude that we only will have to make changes to Cycles and not have to touch Blender itself:

Here is the link to my development blog, where I post about the state of the project:

Thank you guys for the fast response.
It appears to me that you are somehow connected or at least both affiliated with the company “cis”?

I have contacted Maria via Skype.

yep they are…

i think what you want to achieve here is not so possible since this is a ray traced engine and not realtime like eevee…

Oh I do think it is possible and over in the dev talk forum they also thought that its doable.
They mentioned however, that it is inpractical to calculate the most affected region by all sorts of different changes in real time.

But thats ok, if the project fails, it fails. Nothing we can do about it then.

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Prior experience? Anything I should watch out for?

Okay, so I got in touch with @Maria123 yesterday and we scheduled a call for today. We both mutually agreed to the time.

Today I was stood up and only 40 minutes later I got a message “I’m sorry but we don’t have any resources free right now”. When I confronted her about how weird this seems to me, I didn’t get no reply since then. (Roughly 3 hours passed since then)

I feel like I’m in the middle of some kind of bad joke.

So if there is someone out there, really interested in helping me, pls contact me.

cis labs company they have already a bad reputation recently, because of giving a bad service, or not doing the work, there are several of those in the jobs category posts…i wouldnt trust them…

yeah if i could help sure, but i am 3D artist not a cycles dev LOL, btw you can probably talk to the blender devs if they can help u about it…hmm btw i am available if you need 3d assets of any kind (any hard surface,arch viz,creatures,characters,etc) also intermediate rigging, pbr texturing and basic animation…

Thank you^^
If we should be in need of any of theese services in the future I’ll be sure to contact you. :slight_smile:

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I am still searching fo someone who can explain cycles source code to me. Pls contact me if interested.

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I have deleted and banned cis labs today, they had lots of accounts and only posted garbage responses. We’ll be moderating this forum more heavily and will make sure only real and active Blender community members reply here.


thanks a lot bart :partying_face:

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Thanks, they definitly were some kind of scammers.

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