[PAID] Looking for Blender Animator for Horror UE5 Game

Hi everyone!

Weforge Studio here, an indie studio based in Sydney, Australia, currently building our debut project, a horror survival game Macabre in Unreal Engine 5.

We’re currently looking for an animator to work on a contract basis to animate our main antagonist / monster, as soon as possible.

Our model is rigged in blender so we require an the model to be animated in blender. We also need someone who has the ability to execute the workflow to deliver assets in unreal engine ready format.

I’ve listed some details about the rig below.

Blender Rig Details:

  • Full body and facial rig.
  • Weight painted.
  • IK FK Switch with standard IK controls like Knee and elbow.
  • Grouping , finger / joint controls,
  • Modified metarig with widget bones.
  • Constraints.

(Implementation the animation to a character blueprint in unreal engine would be a helpful bonus if it’s within your skillset).

If you feel like you could be a good fit feel free to get in touch with a quote at [email protected]

Thank in advance!

Weforge Studio

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