[PAID] Looking for Blender rigger for in-game characters


We’re a small team of 4 people and we just started working on a new MOBA game.

Currently, we’re looking for a rigger (in Blender) to skin/rig our character models.

All characters will mostly be humanoids/bipeds, with all of them having an upper body control separate from the lower body. Something similar to Fortnite, where the player can turn the torso in one direction, and walk towards another direction.

No facial rig/shape keys are needed. Collision cloth baked anims might be needed.

Character models come in different LODs and can be 4-8k on high quality and as low as 1-2k tris on the lowest quality. One single rig is needed to target all LODs.

Preferred Skills:

  • Having knowledge of MOBA games (LoL, DOTA, Brawl Stars, Battlerite, etc)
  • Have experience rigging low poly models and LODs with performance in mind
  • Experience with baked cloth/hair sim with colliders

We have a very flexible budget, and we’re looking for quality.

Please DM me with your portfolio or any relevant reels/showcase.
Or, email me at [email protected]
We like working with individuals only. No agencies please!

message sent !

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