[PAID] Magenta Jewels - 3d Modeler

Magenta Jewels is seeking an experienced 3D Modeler to help in its production of exceptional one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. The job would entail working with expert craftsmen and designers along with other 3D modelers to create couture pieces of the highest quality and beauty.

Position Details

· Type: Fulltime

· Time Frame: 2-3 Months with the possibility of a permanent position.

· Location: New York City (Working on premises required). Sorry, we cannot sponsor candidates outside of the US.


· High degree of proficiency with subdivision modeling and sculpting software (Silo, Maya, Blender, Zbrush or equivalent.)

· Willingness and ability to work in both, a team environment and independently

· Willingness to learn technical and aesthetic aspects of fine jewelry design and production

· Ability to meet deadlines in a reliable manner

· High-school degree or equivalent


o Experience with Rhino(ceros) 4.0/5.0

o Good taste

o Flexible attitude

o Friendly personality

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact:

Ankit Jain
T: (212) 764-4777
E: [email protected]

Updated Above

Updated 10/28

Still looking for candidates.

Fits like a glove but would be hard commuting from Finland ^^

I can’t believe you’re not finding anyone in NYC. Perhaps you could talk about rates?

Its a shame its on Premises, Im in the US, but cant get out to NYC. I to am surprised not finding anyone in the NYC area.

Sorry you guys can’t make it out to NYC, and Happy New Year. We are still looking for more candidates.

Hi, we are still looking for more candidates.

I saw this post, and I feel a bit obligated to respond to this. This is not the best method to find a candidate to work at a real studio, and I am in utter disbelief that after 6 months, you are still unable to find a modeler in the New York City MSA. If you are truly seeking a full-time modeler, then you need to use websites that seek individuals for real jobs. This is more of a website for individuals looking to work over the internet.

While I can see your point it is really not that accurate as to what this board is here for from my experience over the years. And this is after all the largest website for Blender artists and this is a very logical place to look for Blender or other artists as we all use many software.

All of this has been discussed to no end.

Really the idea is to keep these kinds of comments off of these threads. Especially ones that encourage people not to post here looking for artists. Interesting opinion but it is not really appropriate in my view.

There are many artists here who would gladly work in a job situation if it were the right thing. Over the years there have been a lot of such posts for these kinds of jobs. And many have gotten “real” jobs as a result.

And I’d like to say we welcome it and we don’t need to be second guessing who should be posting for what.

now this topic seems very vague is this for making jewlrey prototypes? also if you just need a modeler you can have them work though google hangouts or skype. also so modelers like me have not finished high school but are experienced modelers. also you should put this in the volunteer section in case someone wands to do it for free.

I am currently looking for a good job in 3D modeling and would definitely be on board for this opportunity. I have spent several years working in 3d modeling and animation, as it is my greatest passion, aside from raising my family. I have currently done a large amount of 3d models for a feature film called, “BEYOND THE MASK” planned for theatrical release within the next eight months. I have also worked on my own short films and created many forms of still art. Please view my Portfolio, and gallery on my website at these links and let me know what you think…

Thank you, Tim H.