PAID Modelling and Texturer Needed.

Self funded small studio is working on Minion Master and needs some help. Unfortunately our only 3D artist (me) is also a programmer on the game and the art is getting left behind. We have concept art completed but need some help. Please send rates and examples if you are interested in working on a really cool game!

Thanks for your time.

Details? I can do modeling and texturing, but for what? Characters, environments, weapons, effects? Also how much do you need done? All pretty important things to say when asking for help.

You can look at my portfolio, but it is not recent except for the top two. If you can guarantee that you aren’t going to “suddenly run out of money and cant pay” (sorry, but it is a worry with small productions) than I am perhaps interested.

Excellent question. Most help is needed with character work. Need high poly either in Zbrush or Blender.
This is the level I get them to in Zbrush. Then go back to blender, retopo and rig, etc. You can see from the site the characters are cute but semi-detailed. Concepts are already done just running out of time. We have a budget set aside specifically for art and just looking for the right fit.

We have 9 more characters to do and have small budget set aside as a ‘run out of time’ fund. If still interested send me a email to [email protected] with a quote and portfolio of similar previous work. Thanks again!

HI~~I think that I can provide good services for your team ~
maybe you can checkout here
there are some works that I made before ~thanks~

PM sent. Can always send me a email too, [email protected]