[PAID] posing a male - simple job but urgent


I am working a project where I want a male holding an insignia/logo in his hands.

Problem : currently I am not experienced enough in Blender to achieve this without lots of hours studying
and trial/error, I do not have that time because I have a deadline.

So I am reaching out to veteran users for a commission ( I will pay 50 euro through paypal ).


  • you already have a rigged mid-poly model - weightpainted - of a bald generic male ( normal to athletic figure ) at your disposal
  • all you need to do is achieve a very specific pose without noticable deformations.
  • posing is primarily shoulders, arms and fingers ( maybe straighten the back a little ).
  • I have an .obj file made already of what I wanted, should give you a good idea.
    But not happy with the model ( too lowpoly ) and the pose is only approximately.
  • I can provide the 3D logo as .obj file, this you should fit into the male’s hands.

ok send me a private message with your email and a link to your portfolio if you think you are up to it,
and can get started right away.
I will provide the logo, and once you can show me satisfying screenshots from various angles, I will pay 50 euro.
Then you send me the .blend file so I can do postprocessing.

Please finish within 48 hours and refrain from posting screenshots in this thread, we communicate through e-mail.

( I’m guessing for an experienced blender user who already
has such a male model in his library, this should not take more than 30 minutes ?)

Thanks !