[PAID] Rendering of tablet cover (foldable) animation

I need photorealistic animation rendered using Blender 2.8 (or up), for the animation of foldable tablet cover (origami style) folding and unfolding.
I am offering to pay $100 (in USA dollars), as it’s my understanding this work wouldn’t take too much time. <— Please correct me if I am wrong.

Please see example pictures shown below. You can render any one of these (not all, just one) foldable origami style table cover, with the animation of it folding and unfolding.
Basically this involves almost rigid inner pieces (slightly bendable, but should retain their forms, sort of spring-like material), sandwiched between flexible bendable coverings, allowing the inner pieces to fold and unfold.
I need animated Blender file (not the rendered video file), with explanation of how this animation was implemented (as I am curious how it is created).
I’d appreciate making it with armatures (or other alternative if exists), so that I can control, change, and re-render fold/unfold animation in Blender.
I prefer EVEE over Cycles for this particular work (unless Cycles is necessary for some reason).
Thank you.

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Hello message sent! Regards Chris.


Please check my PM.


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Thank you for the interest. I am sorry this task is already assigned. Thank you again.

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