PAID: simple 3d badge/emblem for motorcycle project

This is a modeling project. I’m a fabricator building a custom motorcycle and am in need of some assistance for a badge.

I’m a novice at Blender and way to down the learning curve to get this project of mine done in time.
I have an emblem / badge that I need done for a motorcycle project. Simple concept but more complex than I can handle. I could tweak something once I have it if I had too.

It’s similar in shape to a Porsche emblem, it has at the top the name “Stiletto” bordered, then two switch blades in a cross pattern, two stiletto high heels nested in the side of the blades, then at the lower sides are two female nude figures looking at the shoes and knifes with desire, the triangle is where a rivet hole goes and also at the bottom corner. There needs to be a rectangle between the tips of the blades where a serial number will go down the road. The area where there are not these 3d relieved images is some kind of texture detail to add depth. The final product would be about 2" tall .100" thick. This could be scaled up or down from there depending. I will eventually either laser 3d print this or engrave it on a CNC to form molds to pour pewter metal.

The first picture is my chicken scratching concept sketch. The other photos are for reference to the level of detail and artistry I’m wanting to capture. The coins are the work of Roman Booteen. I hope this is clearer than mud!

I not only need the mechanical part of this created but also someone who can take the concept and bring a level of artistry that will really make it aesthetically pleasing with a level of detail beyond my imagination similar to Romans coins.

I honestly don’t know what this would entail $ wise. but if you are interested and have images of similar work to show me with a cost for something like this we can see if I can oblige. I know there’s a kindred soul out there and you are worth it. Amateur or pro, I’m open to input, but there is limited restate and the design elements I’ve described are mandatory. The font of the “Stiletto” name feels like it needs to be a unique type of cursive .

My timeline is about 6 weeks.
Looking forward to a collaboration!


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