[Paid] Stylized FPS Game Looking For Character Artists

Hi there, we are looking for someone to make character models for our game. This is a really important position and you should be very active on the team and good at communicating. If this interests you, you can read on ahead to learn about the requirements and what we are looking for.

We are looking for someone to create rigged stylized character models for our game. The style should be reminiscent of games like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, though in a more modern and less futuristic setting. The final model should be created in Blender, as that is our main tool. You should be able to professionally rig models with clean topology. The models should also be textured using a PBR workflow.

As a character artist, you should be fairly experienced and used to being able to communicate frequently with other devs. You should know how to make models optimized for game engines. When doing the facial rig for characters, it should be using shape keys instead of a full facial rig. You should be able to make a model very close to the reference images. Keep in mind, our budget is small and we only have 250$ available for each character model max, at least for now.

Below is a small list of current devlogs and prototype videos that we already have below to get a feel for what the game will be like. It is still in very early stages though, so there isn’t a lot to look at yet.

To apply, fill out a response to this application:

Note: Being active on Discord is required.

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Hello! Is the job still open?

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