Paid Video Production Studio Animated Intro

First off, I’m new to the animation realm and this is more of a choose-your-price kind of deal. I’m hoping to get multiple artists to apply so I may gauge the price point with the quality of work. All I need is a 10-12 second animation.

I’m looking for something simple yet very high quality, something that is minimalistic yet remarkable. I have no particular animation in mind, only that it centrally incorporates the ridge line in the logo I have attached. Something possibly slightly reminiscent of Summit Entertainment, but more creative like the Paramount “100 Years” intro.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] with how much you would charge and some quick ideas of what you’re picturing in your head for the intro. Thank you for your time.

The logo


what do you mean animating that picture into a logo animation. or animation based off that picture. and was that made from blender

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