Paid Work - 3d Logo Animation

I’m in need of some real help here.

  1. The project? Modeling, rendering, motion graphics, VFX, 3D Anime for logo intro. A 30-sec logo video for a new TV Network.
  2. We are a Virginia based Creative Agency with Clients in L.A.
  3. We are looking for a top-level 3D Animator with modeling, texture, lighting, and photorealistic creations to show. You must be able to start on the project now.
  4. The deadline is not going to be set until I confirm with you the animator. (updated)
  5. Description of the project.
  • A part of the logo will fall from 10 feet high and smash some TVs which have been stacked up and turned on. This is on a rooftop of a build in a city with live wires leading to the TVs …we have a rough animation of this in blender already to show you. The logo part will turn into a TV (simple shapes). Next, an angel/lady with wings will punch through the floor/rooftop and grab the logo part and Fly it into the sky. As she looks into the TV sharp an icon will appear. Everything goes bright and the logo is left in the middle. Done. The Sound has already been created and sound effects added but will be mastered after the final animation is done.
    Budget? $400

Need to see your work (showReel) and please state what you have done vs if the work was done by a team. A link will do.
Contact number. email. you will get a call right away if the work is great.
Anthony (@ )

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It feels way too much to do in just a couple days… but here is my info:

Depends what you have already made, but feels like Mission Impossible.
Thanks for the opportunity even so!


I’m willing to push it another week for the right person/best outcome.


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