Paid work for creating Blender scenes

Hi, I’m looking for 2 things. First, I’ll pay someone to create a template of a theater stage so that I can add and create different scenes with for pitching a new show. Sort of like 3D storyboards in video.
Second, I would like some instruction so I can continue to create new scenes on top of the template here at my office. I have no experience with Blender so I’m learning from scratch. It would be way to time consuming and costly to have all this done by a pro I’m sure. That way I can constantly make little tweaks over the next few months on my end. We can discuss fees. Thanks, Collin

I think it’s my pleasure to work for you.

I’m very good at modeling especially with Blender


I’m interested for the job!
My portfolio:

Best regards,
Bruno Marzochi.

Hi, Bruno, Thanks for the message. Do you have a phone number I can call so we can discuss this project much easier over the phone Collin
My number is (702) 494-9191


I can’t add your number in my phone, so here is my number: +55 11 966364502


Bruno Marzochi.

Oops, I guess I can’t add your number either. Do you have WhatsApp or Skype?

That’s weird!
The number I sent you is my whatsapp.
Skype: Bruno Marzochi Lopes

PM’d you! Cheers:-)

hello! my name is francesco , from switzewrland. i have experience in photorealistic rendering and in tutoring with blender. contact me if you want, we can discuss the fees! cheers, francesco

Contact me if you like my work.Cheers