PAID work for X-Plane scenery project



I’m looking for someone to produce numerous objects (likely up to 70 objects, varying from small to large) for a freeware scenery add-on project for X-Plane. An example of a scenery project that has been produced already can be found here.

There is a plugin available that makes it possible to export objects to X-Plane.

Open to pricing ideas, but important to note this is a freeware (free for the public upon release) and as such, the budget is not enormous. Please get in touch if interested.

(redappletech) #2

Sent you pm with portfolio.

(Si Rogers) #3

Hi, have PM’d you!


HI all. I am still looking for some Blender artists for modelling and texturing of objects for X-Plane.

(Jmanginger98) #5


I am currently interested.

Here is my portfolio:

And my email address: [email protected]

(ED) #6

I will be happy to help in this

(Radut Irinel ) #7


Here’s my Artstation profile=>
And my email is => [email protected]

Thank you and hope to collaborate!