Paid work. Rendering, lighting and basic comp work

If anyone is interested in some paid work, please contact me at stevewmac at

The work includes basic keying your compositing package, importing keyed footage or keying in Blender and matching camera, just manually, doesn’t have to be perfect. Adjusting lighting and rendering the background then finally making a basic rough comp. Its’ fairly straightforward work for anyone with decent knowledge of Blender and maybe After Effects or it can all be done in Blender, your choice. You could actually create the full final comp if you have the skill and earn extra but what is really required is the background rendered in HD and a rough comp to show it working.

i’m intereted her my works

Hello. I would like do work in this project. Take a look my portfolio . Send me a private message if you’re interested.

Thanks to all who offered their services, for now, all positions are filled.