Paige Two, Learning Character Rigging, Animation, and more

Frustrated with weight painting. With my ignorance of the details of how to do it really.

Auto-Rig Pro add on does a lot of the work but I’m finding things needing much modification of the weights. The facial rig will surely need much fine tuning. I’ll have to learn the how to’s of weight painting to get useful results. Just making a mess now. Not complaining about having to learn the tools though. That is an obvious necessity for CG.

I intend to learn rigging with the native Blender tools too and I’m starting to think that will be better than add on’s. There may be no gain over doing it “manually”.

Auto-Rig Pro’s rig allows unnatural stretching of the figure. That may be useful for cartoon characters but is harmful for a realistic character. Hopefully there is way to disable all of the “cartoon” features with a few clicks.

Blender (2.90) stinks for user interface regarding weight painting. Again, my ignorance is at work but I have to select each of thirty trillion vertex groups to determine what bones are weight mapped to what area? Insanity. The weight paint brushes move in a jerky strobe effect removing any useful feedback. Paint, wait, see result, repeat. Maybe my AMD FX 8320 and two 1070 ti’s is not enough power for smooth live feedback in this. Changing some settings could improve it.

Like many things in Blender, the learning curve is steep, the UI not great, but CG power awaits beyond these obstacles.

When I’ve learned enough about animation I’ll finish an animated short I’ve wanted to make since 2018. Although the action figure toys come to life for that don’t need the realism and detail of Paige I tested how many Paige’s I could append into that scene. The answer is 2. Nearly all of 16gb ram was used during bvh prep and the gpu with the screen plugged in stayed just under its 8gb.

About 3 minutes render time at 1440p. This might need a render farm to complete.

The hero, Jedi Tevu (here), has no hair and only 20K polygons. His nemesis will also be less resource consuming that a Paige. So my machine can do this.

Good tutorial about the NLA.

Not much time lately to learn about animation. Took a break and played with this. Decimated to about 15K to 20K polygons, tissue add on for dual mesh, extrude faces, scale with individual origins on, smooth modifier, apply.

I want to get back to this but work, work, work and practical things. No time for fun.