Pain using Linux when bruning DVDs

I asked about this in windows vs linux thread. Someone suggested to use DeVeDe and create dvd with that but i have been using it way before that and it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to decode avi 700 mb file into dvd format that can be burned. Under windows it takes less then 30 min to go from avi to dvd using convertxtodvd.
Here is also someone else who is fed up with worthless Linux apps…

Id like to know if there is anything out there that can burn a movie under 30 min just like in windows? Thanks in advance.

Well depending on how close you are to a store, chances are you could just go buy the movie in less than 30 minutes

We’re about to enter the year 2009, and there are still people who don’t know the difference between single-pass and dual-pass encoding …

you could try googling it?
seriously, tho, there are plenty of encoding apps on Linux that will get the job done. The problem that a lot of people have is that they’re mostly console apps. You have to either type the commands into the console or you have to make a script that will perform all the actions for you. Script would be a good idea, cause then for any other movie you want you can just edit the script, change the name, change a couple other little settings (assuming you have a calculator and know what settings you need to change), execute the script and then sit back and relax. Heck, with the right software, all you’d ever need to do is that. execute a file, sit back and voila… DVD is burned in an hour or so with no other steps involved.

Or you could get Wine and run ConvertXToDVD.

I’d google it first, tho.

Thanks for your help. Im after something simple. I do not use Terminal and dont even know what a script is. I do know that I burn a DVD under windows in 10-15 minutes, conversion takes about 20 min. I did look into running ConvertXtoDVD under wine but people reported some things not working and Convertxtodvd not being able to see dvd drive so there is really no point in wineing it.
Google brings up most of the apps I allready tryed.

So far Linux falls way short behind windows when it comes to this task. Im hoping some of you can change my mind by suggesting a good app. Thanks again.

What are the specs of your computer, and what settings are you using for the encoding, etc. Are you using exactly the same settings/files for your tests? Are you testing and checking or did you not think it important?

Have you tried a commercial program, such as nero?

Here is also someone else who is fed up with worthless Linux apps…

Well here is someone who is tired of people being very insuting rather than just asking nicely.

So far Linux falls way short behind windows

Linux PROGRAMS you’ve tried, vs windows PROGRAMS.

Actually it’s free programs vs. commercial programs. DeVeDe is available for Windows as well, but since it doesn’t work for him, he calls it a Linux program. He’s apparently brainwashed.

The fun fact is that ConvertXtoDVD costs exactly as much as a DivX-DVD player that could play his pirated movie without any conversion at all. :wink:

Not necessarily.

He said it’s a 700MB AVI. Why would anyone encode a movie that way if not for standalone playback?

Nono, I mean about the conversion program costing money