Paine: I need more coffee....

An application I am working on inspired yaz0rs decompilation of the model formats found in Final Fantasy X takes the native models and tries to export them to native blends. It’s incredibly early right now and in its current state, is more or less a stripped version of blender that imports the data in VRML format, saves it as a blend, then has to be manually UV mapped. It’s way too primitive to really be useful, but I thought I would post some screens of what the end results will be.These screens were taken using svn rev. 13184.

360 View Video - HD video. 5.4MB

Now where I may have something at least partially tangible here, I don’t know how far I will get or if I can really do anything with it as Square is incredibly particular about their Intellectual Property (I hate those two words) even though everything to this point has been done without use of any propietary tools. I would hate to see a C&D from them. So if I do get something reasonable working, I’ll probably just use it for personal use, but release the source code so anyone who wants to play around with it can.

A few notes:

  1. This does NOT rip anything from the game. This simply takes extracted models and (attempts to) convert them.

  2. The blend format is a headache and a half for me. It’s going to take some time to work it out. I’m following makesdna.c which is pretty well documented, but I am literally running on 3 hours a sleep a night because of this and work, so things aren’t sinking in as fast as they normally would.

  3. If anyone has anything useful that they could pass on, please feel free. I’m always willing to listen and apply.

Hope you enjoy the screens!