Painful Discovery

This is my entry for the BAC#5

Lots of fun, thanks to musk for hosting these challenges.

Nice! I love how you use the sounds. There’s something weird in the speed of the board, specially right before it goes off the pipe, like if it actually hasn’t the speed needed to make the 360º, but it jumps anyway. Other than that, I liked it. GJ.

Very nice. I like that you actually used sound. Too many blender made animations lack that.Where did you get the sounds and/or what program did you use to create or edit them?

@ elek Thanks! I know there is always room for improvement.

@ Shaba1- I agree! Sound adds a whole new dimension. is all I ever use, I believe you can even setup a free account there for 5 downloads a month. Then to chop them up and blend them together, I used audacity. Some of the sounds were synthesized using Fruity Loops, which has a fully working free trial, and can be used to create sound effects or even whole soundtracks, and you can export but not save a song for future tweaking, which you would only need if you were a pro- then you could afford it. Of course blender’s VSE to tie it all together.

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