Painful Memories - digital painting

hey guys,

well im working on a fairly large personal project at the moment which was starting to get the better of me, so as a small sub-project i took a small crop(about 1/15 of the full image) and decided to dress it up and play a little. anyways i really like the result, looking for crits at this stage so i can keep on going with it. The title is just my interpretation of the feeling of the artwork, im interested in hearing what you guys think about that.


This is looking great! What are you using to create this? It looks very interesting.

Keep it up! = )

i’m using a combination of PainterIX and Photoshop CS2, I roughed out the image in Painter before moving into Photoshop to ‘tighten it up’, texturise, change colours etc.

did you put your face into a scanner for that?
the combination for some reason looks a bit strange to me… but… ohwell… nice style in the painted parts.

looks extreemely nice!!! :smiley: :smiley:

i actually do the same method with using painter then photoshop, exept i only have painter essentials and then photoshop elements (they came with my tablet and i need to get full versions)

all in all wonderfull painting i know i can relate to it

thanks for the comments guys,

basse: lol no i did not put my face on a scanner :D, i know it doesnt quite fit, i was looking for that feeling of melancholy and unease.

Alfred Indamine: i’m glad you like it and can relate to the piece :slight_smile:


great pic,
i love it.


Timmeh, you know if I can upgrade my photoshop 5 to CS2?

It seems I can.