"Paint" a mesh over another mesh - how??

I am puzzled about how I can replicated the process of creating hair for game characters:


How can I pick a mesh and scatter it as seen on the images about over certain area of another mesh? I don’t think grease pencil scattering would work that way.

Any ideas? Thanks.

How can I pick a mesh and scatter it as seen on the images about over certain area of another mesh?

You can do that with a hair particle system that is set to spawn Objects. If you want different meshes to be spawned, you can use “Group” to spawn all objects in a group - or you can use multiple particle systems for better control.
Probably google “instance painting blender” or something like that, there are tutorials for this.

If you look for a tutorial on ivy gen or sapling/tree generator,
the why to do the leaves would be the same way to do the hair tuffs.

blender nerd redesign is hard to find the right things… but here is the one on trees…


couldn’t find the ivy one…

(i only posted this so you can see how he sets up the textures of the leaves, it would be similar for the hair)

see how he puts the “water drops” onto the mesh? do the same but instead of using “spheres” use planes…


watch all 3 parts its a good tut.

I just manually duplicate and position them myself. It doesn’t take all that long just shift-D and positioning. L key works well to select floating geometry quickly too. I’m sure you could automate the process, but all the time involved setting things up to do so you’d probably already be done just doing it manually.

Thanks guys. I will look into all that.

@xrg: Sure thing, manually I can do it. However, time is money :wink:

Do you know of any good tutorials on that subject? I only modeled and animated stuff in Blender. Never really got into texturing, particles and other effects.

Not really. There’s one longer video on it, but it’s for 2.49. Stuff has been moved around a bit since then. Imo you can probably just do a hair tutorial and then instead of using “Path” under Particle->Render you use “Object” or “Group”

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Watched that one. Although it’s a manual process. Very classic method for artistic needs, but not really good for production in video games.