Paint Buckets

Okay so I’m posting here cause a few people said i should. I did this picture for a smc. It was 37 minutes long and the topic was “on the creation and maintenance of deceptive exteriors” and here it is.
Your comments are appreciated though i probably wont do any changing of it just cause its done.

The paint looks a little thick, and it would look better if there was paint on the bucket if it was used.

It isn’t paint, but yeah. It was 37 minutes if you recall so i didn’t quite have time to add that. The first ones supposed to be kinda like marble, and then wood (but it looks like brownie batter), and then grass and lava. Thanks for the comment

very nice render 4 stars :spin:

Love the DOF on this one…

It’s very nice, I wish I could do this at all, let alone in under an hour.

Are the brush bristles paricles or mesh? they look very well made either way.

How do you do focal length? it’s such a nice effect for directing attention to more important and more detailed parts. Does anyone have a recommended tut for that?

Yes the brush bristles are particles. Thanks for all your comments. The focal length is using the Defocus node in the Composite Node window. All you need to do is connect the appropriate dots. Set your camera to show limits and drag the DoF so the cross shows where you want it focused, and then unclick No Zbuffer back in the Node Window and move the fStop down to lke 10 or something. If it looks low quality up the preview samples to like 128 or max them out and voila.

Thanks again for looking

I really love it! But please tell me, was this rendered in BI?

that is pretty damn awesome right there. i don’t know what an ‘smc’ is, tho i can easily see it as an illustration for an article on the topic. Very neat idea, and pulled of very well. I always feel like i need to crit stuff, but the only thing i can really point out is the sort of repetition of the same can in the foreground and the background. The blur breaks it up a bit, and if it’s not the same can model it still sorta feels like it. The time limit sort of nullifies it :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent image, even if it wasn’t time limited.

I don’t understand why you rendered it at such a big resolution. It doesn’t fit on my screen and with that level of detail I think 640x480 should have been enough :slight_smile:

Hey all. Thanks again for your comments!

Juggler: Yup, rendered in Blender Internal. All i ever render in actually.
Squiggly_P: a smc is a Speed Modeling Contest. In the forum home there are threads for them at the bottom. If you get on the chat thing you can compete in them.
Cipix: Its my screen resolution 1440x900. I just wanted a new background :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, 37 minutes! My only crit is that the brush in the first pot doesn’t seem to be sitting very naturally in the paint. Maybe it’s because the camera is focussed exactly on the paintbrush, or that the surface of the paint is not displaced by the brush. Also, it feels that maybe the front end of the closest pot is a bit too fuzzy. But those are rather picky crits considering the time in which you made the image. Otherwise, it’s a well lit render with good composition and DOF. Definitely worth some stars, I think, considering the 37 minute factor :slight_smile:

For 37 mins brillinat id say bring the grass up frount and put the sludge at back… will make more sense,



Amazing, Crititrozoz! Can you screen the composite nodes for the DoF? I think your highly skilled in SMC btw. Good work. 5*

Thanks guys. Here’s a screenshot of my dof settings. Note my dof in the camera settings. And that limits is shown. In the 3d view a yellow cross is showing at the focal point.

Edit: Sorry i cut the top of the Defocus node off. Any settings that you cant see aren’t changed

Hello again, Crititrozoz. Thanks for the screenshot. Very helpful. I think the use of defocus-node you can control the DoF much bettern than using vector blur. The results in a still image isn`t that different imo. But when making animations i think it would be easyer to use the defocus node. I also made a comparison between the two types of DoF. ill give you my examples. (i probably could have made it even more like).

DoF- Vector Blur setup:

DoF - Defocuse node:

Love the style and as a SMC this is awesome. If you’d have the muse go back and do a little editing for a still. At the moment I would give it 5 Stars for the idea. 4 Stars for the modelling since it was done in a SMC but only 3-4 Stars overall since it looks unfinished. But considering that it is a SMC it is more a 4 Stars.
I think you need to loosen the DOF a little since it is not clear from the picture that you are going for materials (marble, grass, etc…) it looks more like you missed the textures/materials on the paint. But still very impressive. IF you go back and work on it with more time I’m sure you’ll get a 5* rating.

Well, it looks like it was rendered in like sunflow or brazil i think!

looks good, though the paint should be a little smooth

Thanks for the comments guys.
Marsan: I saw what you did with the defocus and its sweet.
musk: Thanks for your comments and critics. I dont think i’ll go back on it just because I’m pretty pressed for time, but I might fiddle with it some time in the future.
Jesusfrk14: Thanks, but remember it isn’t normal paint. It’s “texture paint” which is why it’s bumpy :).