Paint buttons for rendering?

(hweihe) #1


I just experimented a bit with the paint buttons. I see the painted effect in the 3d windows, but not in the final rendered image. Is this function only for game-blender, or can I also use it in rendered pictures?


(ookami77) #2

Try going to the materials window and clicking on the “TexFace” button. I’m not sure if this works, but I know it is how you view UV mapped textures during a render so I assume it would do the same for painted textures. Hope this helps…

(tHe-IcemAn) #3

It doesn’t work, you need to check out the ColPaint and ColLight buttons for this.

(hweihe) #4

It took a while until I found these buttons…, but yes! that’s the solution. :smiley:

Thank you!