Paint explosions and coloured rain

Ok first of all watch this ad

The effect of exploding paint containers is what we are after. And in the end, when the layered explosions rain down, the different layers of paint droplets falling down

There is no prize, more of a community challenge (but if you manage to make a good one I promise I will do my best sell it into and ad and you will get paid as usual)

I wonder what this comes up with.
occasionaly I see a very good fluid render here with a thickness that’s ideal for paint.
I’d say go for it!

Hehe it looks like its quite slow to work the softbodies and liquids… I will continue and propose

Deadline on 29th of November

30days from NOW - see the timestamp on this post for hours&minutes! :slight_smile:

Please also post work in progress

Hehe heres my first explosion, yeah I know its totally crappy, but kinda ok physics, maybe it will inspire others