Paint fail


Asus vivobook F51OUA 15.6"
Full HD Nanoedge laptop
Intel core i5-825OU processor
Linux Mint 19.2
Integrated Graphics

I am working through the CGBoost series of videor tutorials on youtube.
“Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial - Part 8: Materials”

  1. go to lookdev mode

  2. add material to object, click Material Properties icon

  3. click “new” to add new material, name it apple.

  4. Shader: to change shade click “Surface BSDF”

  5. adjust Base Color, roughness, metallic, transmission (and screen space refraction).

  6. In Render settings> Screen Space Reflections (and Refractions)

  7. Go back to Materials icon


  1. set transmission to 0, metallic to 0

  2. at Base Color click small circle to the right, choose Image Texture

  3. Open the dropdown to access the previously applied image to the apple. Click on “apple paint image”

This is where it went wrong. Minute 7:28 of the CGBoost video. Instead of the apple painted like an apple, my apple was purple meaning it had not been painted.

My question is, is there a way to save the file at this point, maybe by re-doing the paint process again,

or should I go back to a point before the painting, just after UV Unwrap, and start from there?

Big point…DID you save the Image File for the apple after the section on Projection Painting back a tutorial or 2 ??
If you did… skip the dropdown and instead…click the OPen button instead and navigate to where you saved the texture for the apple…
If you did not SAVE the image after the projection Paint…You guessed it…you got to go back to that stage and do it again and save this time…

Don’t worry about it…all is not lost…just re-do the painting and then pick right back up where you are now!

Thanks for answering.

I have files saved at various stages of the process.
A file that should show the apple after the paint was completed is not showing the apple completed. Would you know how to check that?

The apple appears to have been unwrapped, however.

Another problem with doing the paint at a later stage is that Blender saves files already used in its library, so I would need to delete those files and start out from a clean slate.

I assume I should delete all apple paint files in Blender then redo that process.

I meant did you save the texture file out of the UV window after painting the apple?
That file is stored in memory and you have to save it as an image texture…
( In the UV window in paint mode…File>save as )
You can go back to this at any time and just re-use the texture files that didn’t work the first time… and if you just want to you can go into the shader list and use the -minus button and delete them from there. Then under File>Cleanup>PurgeAll and it will Purge all unused data blocks ( materials).

Thanks for this.

I went back to the stage just before I textured the apple and redid it. Hopefully the knife which was also textured, will still have the original work.

I am saving the texture files as .png, and I was able just to use the apple texture file that was saved in my blender folder.

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