Paint/fill whole faces/polygons?


I’m bit new to Blender, but I wanted to ask is it somehow possible to paint whole faces/polygons in Texture Paint mode? For example when I would paint over a face/polygon, it would fill that whole face/polygon. The only solution I found that I would first select with Alt + LMB the faces that I would want to paint, and then I would use the Fill tool to fill those selected faces. But for example in Substance Painter and 3DCoat they offer a tool that you can fill whole faces quickly by just painting over them. So in those apps you don’t need to select the faces first. But you can just directly paint over faces and then those faces would be filled completely. Or I don’t know, if there is some kind of add-on / script that would have this kind of tool? (If the base Blender doesn’t have this kind of tool)

No. The way you do it, selecting faces + fill tool is already the most efficient one in Texture Paint mode.
Maybe you would be more satisfied to select faces by using Select Circle tool instead of Alt LMB.

You can try Vertex Paint mode where you are painting face corners.
That will be closer to what you want, but without being exactly the same.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure first, if there’s some setting that I didn’t see on the Brush/Fill tools’ settings. But thank you for the hint for the Select Circle! That’s at least a bit faster way to select faces. Hopefully at one point there would be a setting on the basic Brush/Fill to fill whole faces/polygons (I would at least think it would be an useful option to have for example in low poly art).

Sculpt mode developer worked on Vertex Colors Painting directly in Sculpt Mode.
In a near feature, development of new tools for painting should focus on that.