Paint lines along edges?

I’ve been trying to find a way to paint along the edges of a mesh. I’ve seen someone do it on a video, but I’d like to know how.

Here’s an example of what I want. I did the bottom lines by hand. If I knew how to only paint on edges, then it would be easier and more precise.

one way would be to export UV map then paint it in Gimp and re import it !

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You can select a line brush in the texture-paint panel, and it will allow you to draw guided straight lines. Use it in the UV editor so that you can look straight down on the UV mapping and zoom in on the edges as close as you need to.

That would be much more difficult than just doing it in blender…

I did that to make the example. I want blender to lock my cursor to the UV edges. I’ve seen it done before.

depends also on the numbers of lines
in gimp you can just blur the lines and it is done
unless you want something more sophisticated !

Paint in blender has a minimum of features and can be use if you have limited amount of lines I think
but if your model has 1000 lines or more it should be faster in Gimp !

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I don’t think you understand what I want. I don’t want EVERY line to be done. I want blender to lock my cursor to the lines, so I can choose what to do for each.

In paint mode you can change to the Line tool in Paint tool stroke method. Then after starting the line hold down the Alt key to constrain to 45 and 90 deg increments.

There’s is no such function as far as I’m aware. Is it possible you misinterpreted what you saw? Or perhaps it was a custom script of some type. I don’t think I’ve seen that particular function in other programs either. It’s not something I imagine a lot of people do. It’s fairly specific.

You may have better luck with vector-drawing software such as InkScape, Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Import the UV map and use the line tool to trace over the lines you want coloured, then export as a .png image.

Barring a Blender addon I’m unaware of, vector-drawing software will give you the best control available for the task you’ve outlined.


That’d be disappointing. Maybe I did, oh well.

How can I export/import the UV? Such as with mesh wire-frame?