paint mode what does it do???

(Ace02) #1

ok in paint mode you paint and it doesnt show up in the render what is up with that? Am I missing something? :o

(Brian J) #2

You need to click the ColPaint button in material buttons, for the currently selected object. Then you can render vertex painted objects.

Brian J

(ryan) #3

Speaking of the paint function, I tried the tute at on Paint basics and it worked as advertised except for one thing. The “save” button was not visible. The tute was aimed at Blender 114 and I am using Blender 225 so differences are possible, yes?

My question is: after one successfully loads and paints on a texture in Blender, how does one save the “painting”?

(Brian J) #4

You may need to drag (click and hold MMB and drag the tool bar) the tool bar over a bit to see it.

Have fun
Brian J

(ryan) #5

Thanks to Brian J for the tip on scrolling over to the “save” button after using the paint function. It worked a treat :smiley: