paint model

How to I vertex paint?
I have a cube, go to vertex paint mode , set a color in brush and paint on the cube and nothing?
I also tried setting color in materials.

i googled this and saw some videos and you seem to just apply a color and go to vertex paint and paint but i dont get anything when i use the brush and change the color on top left?

If you’re painting a model, don’t use vertex paint. It just does at it says paints each vertex, not the face of your model. You need to use Texture Paint mode. This will paint on an image and your 3d model at the same time. This is like painting your texture in photoshop and in real time is applied to your model.
Example tutorial

what version of blender? what setup?

with blender-2.57
and the default cube-scene
switch to vertex-paint
select a color like full red
and paint over the cube
and its getting red at the vertices.

But if you have enabled “face selection mask for painting” (where is it? can you find the button in the 3d-view-menu-bar?)
then with no faces selected you there is nothing left to paint on, all cube-faces are masked out!

Using texture-paint to color objects might be nice for simple setups
like you may use it for running the blender-game-engine. Would not
use a lot cpu-power like for complicated objects with textures …
And for simple logic games … i think its enough.

i tried both and neither worked. I have BL 2.57
I have cube, i select texture paint mode, my cube turns white and the brush doesnt move with the mouse. I added a material and the same result.
i select viewport shading textured and i tried object.

Texture painting support is spotty for me, and I know perfectly well how to do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, randomly. 2.57. Waiting for that giant bug fix…

surely painting models is a fundamental and there must be a way?

Of course there is. I’m saying that it’s buggy, at least for me. Very frustrating. Others seem to get it to work, but I frequently see threads asking why it doesn’t work.

By the way, as has been mentioned, it’s called Texture Painting.

yes texture painting i am using.
do i need a material first or do i need to unwrap UV the net? i can apply a material and the brush moves but no paint.

it is much easier to paint on the model face rather than export sides to photoshop. Also if the shape is complex then painting all those small poloygons is ridiculous

Just watch the link I posted earlier.
Basically, UV unwrap your model (do it properly with seams), create an image file, save the image file, apply the image to your model as a texture, go to texture paint and paint.
A quick demo

the link is fine but again it just paints using texture paint so what am i doing wrong as texture paint doesnt paint on my model?
do earlier versions of texture paint work?

looking at whay you posted i am to create a new image and apply a blank image to the model eg black. then i can paint using texture paint on the model?

There are number of setting you need to get Vertex Painting going. In 3D window, set it to Vertex Paint mode. Next to that setting, choose Textured View Port. This will make it possible to display the Vertex color to show in Object mode. Kill the lighting; the object will become white canvas with no shading. Paint away.

The object will not render if there is no light. So if you want to render it, go to Materials buttons and set Shading / Shadeless, and Options / Vertex Color Paint.

Vertex Paint is not a texture; it is a painting on object. So to make it permanent, you do need to UV unwrap it, and Bake the texture on to an image. And then remapp the image on to the object.

i simply want to paint on a model and expoert it as a obj file.
Do I use texture or vertex paint as i am getting mixed responses.

Well, your question at the beginning was how to vertex paint.

Vertex paint put color information on vertices and color is blended between the vertices by computer. So the color data is simply associated it with vertices. There is no image file behind it.

Texture paint put color information on object faces; it is an image. So before you can do texture painting, there must be an image file to which one can putdown paint. You need to create UV map for that. If you don’t create UV map and image behind it, paint don’t get recorded. Nothing will show.

As for obj file, UV coordinate is part of obj file. You need to have one for the object. And texture will be a image file that you export separately.

Texture painting support is spotty for me, and I know perfectly well how to do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, randomly. 2.57. Waiting for that giant bug fix…

Quoting myself. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get it working, no matter what you do. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t,