Paint on selected faces only ?


I’d like to know if there’s a way to paint a texture (in texture paint mode or in the UV image editor) on selected faces only ? (or on a particular vertices group only)

I have a mesh where reflections and specularity should vary strongly from one face to the next: I’d like to avoid painting on the wrong faces!

So the possibility of painting on a particular vertex group only would make my day !

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When you’re in Texture Paint mode, look in the 3D View’s header. There’s a button with an icon of a cube that has a red checkerboard pattern on a single face. Enable that button. After doing so, Tab into Edit mode and select the faces you want to paint on. When you Tab back to Texture Paint mode, you should see those faces as having a different highlight color… and you should notice that you can only paint on those faces.


Oh, excellent Fweeb !

I thought it would be somewhere on the left, in the tools panel. I expected something like a drop menu with the vertex groups…

Thanks a lot, that will help me quite a lot !