Paint placing grass/trees/flowers

Hi all

Any of you know a good way to “paint” objects on a plane ? Like when you use particles. I have a terrain, and i want to place my trees,grass and flowers. Is there a smart way to do this, or is it the old way (place one flower there, another there and so on)

Guess I’m looking for some terrain editor like features ?!?

static particles constrained on the z, spread on x and y… alternatively its python especially if you want them to reaccure in the same places. up side to python is that it quite easy to set it to up the quality of the trees as you approach so they still not a plane when you standing next to one… i’m not sure if it could be done with particles.


Ah yes i know about this one !!

But it cant run in BGE !! particles are a “NO GO” in the game engine !!!:no:

You got to make the particles real objects before going to game mode, note that after making them real objects you wont be able to edit them as particles, so do an extra copy of your file as precaution.